About Sukhchain Homoeopathy

Dr. Harsukh Mehta is a young , dedicated and confident doctor who has devoted his attention to bring good health to every individual through homeopathy. He is a homeopathic consultant well versed with psychotherapy, which helps in the root cause of a patient’s disease by delving into the patient’s mind. He is specialized in a wide range of health related problems ranging from: hair, skin diseases, renal disease, respiratory problems, children’s diseases, stress management, obesity and gastric disorders.

After pursuing his Bachelors in Homeopathic Medicine and Surgery (BHMS), he joined his father. He learnt the finer aspects of healing art from his father and also added his latest knowledge to the then existing practice. Both father and son with a dedicated team of associate consultants have successfully treated tens of thousands of patients till date.

Dr. Simrat Singh Mehta(B.H.M.S.) along with his wife Jaspreet Kaur mehta (B.H.M.S.) started his homeopathic clinic ”SUKHCHAIN HOMOEO” in 1997 with a vision to spread homoeopathy to each and every individual who needs a healthy life without any side effects. Reviving vitality through his clinic he combined professional excellence with great communication skills. Dr. Simrat Singh had extensive experience in the management of advanced cases of cancers, organ failures, neonatal tetanus, sclerosis or motor neuron disease, Hypothyroid Conditions, primary infertility and secondary infertility, uterine fibroids and ovarian cysts, eczema and other complicated cases beyond the reach of other systems of medicine

On 3rd april 2014 he left for heaven we are following his footsteps which was dedicated to promoting the cause of Homoeopathy & alleviating the suffering of thousands of people. We are sure he will continue to motivate us in continuing his noble work.

About Clinic

It’s been two decades we are serving humanity and practicing homoeopathy. The basic aim of the clinic being prevention of disease is applied in practice also by letting people face challenge to change oneself and introduce healthy lifestyle measures along with correct administration of the homeopathic medicine. At besides the homeopathic skills, a person is also given the tips for lifestyle changes and people who require counseling for physical, mental and social issues are being given the courage to fight their flaws and live a healthy and happy life.

We belief “ health is the real wealth but not the gold n silvers”